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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 16, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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france are world champions after beating croatia a—2 in the world cup final. ecstasy in moscow and euphoria on the streets of paris as french fans celebrate their momentous victory. and it's a fourth wimbledon title for novak djokovic after he sees off kevin anderson in the final. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. france are world champions for the second time in their history after beating croatia 4—2 in a breathless 6 goal thriller in moscow. it was the highest scoring final since 1966 and the perfect climax to what has arguably been one of the best world cups of all time. olly foster was at the luzniki stadium for us. it has been an amazing climax to the tournament. croatia are giving their role in a first world cup final
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appearance. an exhilarating match at luzhniki stadium. will champions for a second time france. it takes five weeks to get inside football ‘s greatest prize. all the matches and heartache come down to one final. the france and croatia the opportunity of a generation. 20 yea rs opportunity of a generation. 20 years ago, france won it on home soil. that day they dominated from the start. croatia had the better of these opening but a deflection from mario mandzukic gay france the advantage. perisic was key but a then a closer look at the penalty is ruled. it was put away by griezmann
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and that felt like a pivotal moment. while croatia protester, france looked a profit. a 2—goal advantage and then kylian mbappe made it so. the first teenagers to score in a world cup final since pele. a final twist with hugo lloris getting into trouble. as the rain and curtain came down on moscow, a second—half storm was enough to take this will carp back to france. what a storm that was, when the heavens at simply open. a clap of thunder went off at the exact moment hugo lloris lifted the exact moment hugo lloris lifted the world cup. it seemed the footballing goats were having their say and i sure they approved. it has been a fantastic month. delivered without a hitch. the french stars
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kept their heads. their core of players will have a fantastic chance to wind back to back world cups in qatar in four years time for the first time in 60 years. it is a young squad. we have seen that the rise of the underdogs. fifa rankings turned on their heads. the reigning champions germany, former champions spain, brazil, all stumbled. 0ne third of the matches saw the favourites beaten but it was here at luzhniki stadium that order was restored. croatia gave it their all. two penalty shootouts and an extra time wind over england, they dug deep. class saw france through. 20 yea rs deep. class saw france through. 20 years after didier deschamps captain
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the team, he has now won the world cup as coach. well you won't be surprised to hear that the celebrations are going on long into the night in paris. the arc de triomphe was lit up in red white and blue as thousands of fans flooded in to the french capital. images of the players were projected on to the arc as parisians celebrated a first world cup triumph in 20 years. well unsurprisingly rather different scenes in the croatian capital of zagreb. the country of 4 million people had come to a standstill for one of the biggest matches in croatia's sporting history. but it ended it tears for the fans there, as they watched their team lose 4—2 to france. so despair for croatia but elation for france and none more so than their president, emmanuel macron, throwing all diplomatic protocol out of the window. and as you can imagine the big headlines on the websites of the main french newspapers dominated by the exploits of the les bleus on sunday. france's foremost
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sports paper, l'equipe, with a nice big banner proclaiming "champion du monde" and big picture of two of the french goalscorers in that final, kylian mbappe and paul pogba with the line "ensemble a jamais" meaning together forever, an article highlighting how tight their squad has been through this world cup adventure. le figaro has the two stars with another of the goalscorers antoine griezmann and the words "la france entiere entiere" the whole of france celebrates the win. and then a lovely image from 20 minutes, with the arc de triomphe lit up, and also talking about la fete partout, the party atmosphere in paris and throught france. in paris and throught france.
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dare we say it, there was actually some other sport going on on besides the world cup on sunday. we'll start with some tennis where novak djokovic has won wimbledon for the 4th time after beating big serving south african kevin anderson in straight sets. djokovic, seeded i2th, picked up his first major since the 2016 french open to take his tally to 13 grand slam titles as james burford reports. this is what it means to wind your fourth wimbledon title. 97 years since a south african graced amends singles final. but with djokovic a familiarfigure. anderson
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singles final. but with djokovic a familiar figure. anderson more singles final. but with djokovic a familiarfigure. anderson more than able to kraft opportunities. mr mike and the precedent set for the rest of this conkers. another mistake gifting djokovic set number one. perhaps the best return in tennis, djokovic always makes you hit one more shot. sometimes that is all it ta kes. more shot. sometimes that is all it takes. he did not wind the longer semi—final in wimbledon history without being a fighter and anderson was not going anywhere just yet. nevertheless championship i was just around the corner. there was something of an inevitability about novak djokovic today. his back and looks here to stay. i had many moments of doubt and did not know if i could come back to the level i could compete and this is my first grand slam final after a couple of yea rs grand slam final after a couple of years and no better place in the world to make my comeback. this is a
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sacred place for the world of tennis andi sacred place for the world of tennis and i have always gentle holding this trophy as a young boy started to play tennis this is very special. lam to play tennis this is very special. i am deftly not feeling as fresh as i was coming into the week but this was such an amazing tournament for all our players. we dedicate our lives to fight for a spot of this court. they have been very few individuals that have made it out here. i would individuals that have made it out here. iwould have individuals that have made it out here. i would have given another 21 hours to have the opportunity to play here so it really meant a lot to me. thank you. some cycling news for you and one of the pre—race favourites richie porte was forced to abandon the tour de france on one of the most dramatic days in the tour‘s recent history. porte crashed out before the race got to the cobbled sections of the stage and many of the contenders for the overall win had a punishing day in northern france. chris froome was brought down by one of his own team—mates but the defending champion managed to rejoin the race and is up to 8th overall.
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greg van avermaet, in the yellow jersey, pushed for the stage win but was beaten across the line in roubaix byjohn degenkolb — he does though retain the race leader's yellow jersey. 0ur our top story: the french fans are celebrating after france beat croatia 4—2 in the world cup final. griezmann, pogba, kylian mbappe among the goalscorers. it comes 20 yea rs among the goalscorers. it comes 20 years after france won the world cup on home soil. the fans and joined themselves. didier deschamps was the first frenchman to lift the world cup asa first frenchman to lift the world cup as a player and now lives it as a coach. just two others have done that before. all is left to say is
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felicitations to france! hello. with temperatures as high as 31 celsius, sunday was another hot day across eastern areas of england throughout the weekend, with scenes like this, it was england and wales that had the lion's share of the sunshine and warmth. sunday brought some useful rain to of parts of northern ireland scotland and eastern scotland held on to some sunny spells. this is the weather system that brought some rain to northern ireland and parts of scotland, it's moving southwards in the next 2a hours and behind it, it's introducing a somewhat cooler but more noticeably fresher feel to weather. into north—west scotland and northern ireland as monday begins, sunny spells here, one or two showers developing. central and eastern parts of scotland, early outbreaks of rain clear away with sunshine following. for england and wales, many with a dry start. early on in the west,
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this strip of cloud, outbreak of rain, some thundery bursts. all that slowly moving east during the day. maybe something decent on the garden. as you can see, still some heat, where the sun lasts longest, east anglia, south—east england, near to 30 celsius. behind that system, it's has cooled a little. not much, but it's feeling fresher. a few showers around towards eastern areas. the fresher air follows on behind. so perhaps monday night is going to be a little bit easier for sleeping with temperatures like this, and a couple of cooler nights are to come this week. as tuesday begins, that fresher feel to things is down across all parts of the uk but there will be a lot of sunshine to begin with and the cloud is going to build, and you can pick out one or two showers developing here and there but they will be very hit and miss, probably most reliable on tuesday into northern parts of scotland where some could be heavy and possibly thundery. and it is cooler where it's been
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so hot by several degrees but nowhere as cold and wherever you get to see sunshine, it will feel pleasantly warm but it's also feeling that bit fresher. the flow of air coming in from the atlantic, an uneventful weather pattern. pressure is not as high as it's been but it's not that low. we are left with several sunny days, the cloud builds and there is a chance of catching a shower. it's not quite as warm as it's been. temperatures in south—east england will head up as we go deeper into the week. to sum up, a fresher feel, a little cooler. some sunshine, the chance of a shower. the chance some places will avoid them and another, after monday, mainly dry week. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is nkem ifejika. our top stories: touching down in helsinki ahead of his summit with president putin. donald trump says there's no formal
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agenda for the talks. rhapsody in blue — france win the world cup, beating croatia 11—2 in moscow in a thrilling final. crowds fill the centre of paris — as a nation celebrates winning football's biggest trophy for a second time. over the past few years, these streets have been scenes of national division and violence and now they are scenes of celebration. violence spreads in nicaragua — government forces raids several towns leaving at least ten people dead.
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